The Beginning

It all started with postcards.

I was about 8 years old and on my first family vacation to the Greek Islands.

There was a souvenir shop next to the hotel entrance and they had lots of postcards.

I would flip through the rotating postcard rack and pick the places where I would want to go, then I would imagine myself in those places. Then I would think of something to write on that postcard and send it from that place.

The only problem was, I had nobody to send it to.

I bought the cards anyway and stacked them in my drawer. Over the years I had collected postcards from all over the place. And every time I made a friend on one of my trips I would ask them for their mailing address and surprise them with one of the cards.

I wish I had kept a picture of every postcard I had sent. But I didn’t. And that doesn’t matter. I had developed the habit of travel writing, which lead to journaling and documenting trips and discoveries. I learned to do that at a very young age and it grew with me.

That’s how it all started.

And now we are here.

– Abe Challah
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