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That Night in Buzios, When I learned the meaning of happiness


Keep Your Inspirations Close To You

Escape Theory

The Inca Trail Diaries

Why Am I Never Bored

Let Your Curiosity Be Your Compass

In Search Of the Perfect Travel Journal

WOW – Iceland – Northern Lights

How To Stop Time

Poppin Soul

Dreaming Of The Sea

Sweet Dreams My LAX

Plan 9 From Outer Space

What Happens When You Are Not Passionate About Something

The Restaurant At The End Of Key West

The Fortuneteller Of Key West

How To Survive Gulag

The Alien 8 Club

Journaling Is An Art

Stone Town And The Sea

Inventing Words

How I Hacked My Way Into Learning Chinese

Get Your Shit Together

Chasing Lions

Time Capsules

Looking For Spiritlily

The Delicate Sound Of Progressive Beats

I Will Not Tell You The 7 Ways To Get Results

Moments that changed my life

Opposites Attract

The Jade Empire

Keep Your Inspirations Next To You

How To Go


Field Notes

The Best Things In Life

Let The Wind Take You

Nobody Knows Anything

I’m Not A Digital Nomad

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Summer In Osaka

Pure Shores

Give My Regards To Broadway Street

Looking For Ushi

They Were Sparkling, She Said

Teach Me How To Remember My Dreams

The Creative Ramblings Of A Restless Mind

True North

The Return Of The Big Easy

In Search Of Sunsets

HoiAn and The Lanterns By The River

Vagabonding – A Look Back

What Is Mandarin Hacker

Diaries Of A Rollout Engineer

Zen And The Art Of Head Hunter Maintenance

The Long Dark Teatime Of The Innocent Soul

The UnIdentified Foursome Bearded Quartet

Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

How To Learn A Language Fast

His name was Abe. He lived in the snow.

The Rise Of The Big Easy


Lost in Translation

Life Distilled

Absurd Conversations

Far And Away

The Paradox Of Choice

Angry Little Bird

Happiness Counts